Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Avengers! Gift Basket for Grandson's 6th BDAY!

My Grandson is going to be 6 this Oct! 
 I thought I'd make him this for his BDay! 
I hope he likes it!


 It lights up! Happy BDay Tre'

 (Grandmas first Grand Baby!)


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Off my Hiatus!!! Yay!

Off my hiatus....

I don't know how often I'll
be posting though because
aren't completely back to
normal but here are a few
pics of what I was doing
while I was out! lol! Hope
you enjoy!:0)

Visited the museum...isn't that pretty blue/purple rock?

We saw a mastadon, visited the mummies, took some of the Grands to the park, saw a horse and carriage, saw some big goldfish in a fountain at the mall, flowers that my Grand Daughter picked for her mommy, Bessie the IHOP mascot, A pic my daughter's food. She was trying to eat sushi at a buffet(yuck) lol!, and last but not least a picture of a beautiful rainbow after rainfall on a lovely Sunday afternoon! Hope you enjoyed  the pics! Now maybe I can get some work done!:0)